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Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minaga coffee is produced on the slopes of the

Sesean Mountain range which bisects north-central Toraja in southern

Sulawesi. The coffee on the eastern slope comes down through the

market town in Minanga, and that grown on the western slope comes

down through the market town of Sapan. This coffee is some of the

highest grown coffee in Sulawesi-- above 1,300 meters and up to

2,000m-- extremely high for Indonesia. Because of the higher growing

elevation, the beans tend to be more dense. This allows you to roast as

dark as you wish and retain an exceptional sweetness in the cup.

People who enjoy rich coffee with very little "bite" and a long, lingering

chocolate finish will enjoy this coffee.  It is Indonesian without the

earthiness of a Sumatran . If you are looking for the highest quality in

an Indonesian coffee, and a coffee that will challenge your palate, this

is the one for you.

Roast Available: Medium

Flavor Traits: Dried plum and raisin, caramelized dark brown

      sugar, black currant, bakers chocolate, black pepper and


Dominant Cup Characteristic: Complexity. Fruit, floral,                 spice tones.

Growing Conditions: Shade grown, hand picked sun dried.

      Grown on high volcanic soils.

Hardness of the Bean: Strictly High Grown (highest), very               dense.

Processing:  Traditional wet-hulled (semi-dry) method

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